Lyceum — Lady of the Lake

Destiny isn’t the judgements of providence, isn’t scrolls written by the hand of a demiurge, isn’t fatalism. Destiny is hope. Being full of hope, believing that what is meant to happen will happen.

The final book in the Witcher Saga. As I said about the previous book, I found the plot shallow and again predictable. Unfortunately not as great of an ending as I was hoping for. I’m not completely disappointed but there was something missing to make me really like this. The beginning was kind of slow with too much world and time-hopping for my taste. But the middle part was great! The ending though… There’s nothing that hasn’t been resolved but still, I feel like there was something missing. I still like the ending itself but the book as a whole was underwhelming.

Final Thoughts

I started reading the books simply because the Netflix TV Show was about to air and I wanted to get back into reading as mentioned in the first book’s post, but in all I had an absolute blast reading all the books, I spent 23 hours reading the last two books in 3 days, that should give you an idea of how much I was invested in the books and how much I cared for the story, books to me are very special, something that I’ve recently come to realize, I wasn’t able to write great summaries about the books and I feel like I do a disservice to the books because of it, don’t let my criticism turn you away from the books, it’s a fantastic fantasy series and would highly recommend it.