Lyceum — Tower of Swallows

Had someone crept up to the cottage with the sunken thatched roof that night, had they peered through the slits in the shutters, they would have seen in the dimly lit interior a grey-bearded old man and an ashen-haired girl sitting by the fireplace.

Not a whole lot to say about these books without spoiling them, but another great entry.

I guess that would be incorrect or better put, dishonest, as much as I am engrossed in the books while reading them, I don’t really recall a whole lot of things that really stuck in my mind after reading this, though the adventures are fantastic the myths, legendary and the fights brutal and savage the plot as much as I like it remains very predictable, maybe it’s because I’ve played the 3rd Game that I know what’s coming but it all feels very linear and tiring. I did very much like Ciri’s arc throughout the book, realizing and accepting who she is and ultimately redeeming herself. The journey of Geralt and his company was frankly underwhelming, it just existed for the sake of having Geralt go and kill some people in my opinion. In all fairness, a decent book for the saga, not too good, not too bad, or as master Dunkey would say,

It has a little something for everyone.