Lyceum — Time Of Contempt

Nature doesn’t know the concept of philosophy, Geralt of Rivia. The pathetic – ridiculous – attempts which people undertake to try to understand nature are typically termed philosophy. The results of such attempts are also considered philosophy.


I like this world, these characters, the twists and turns, the political drama, restlessness and the fights and compromises made for survival. This had a lot more action that the previous book mostly because of it being on a larger scale, I was really engrossed in the world and the characters and I’m really looking forward to reading more, something I really like about these books is that there is no all-powerful-I-win-all-the-time character, all characters are very mortal and have to face the consequences of war and treachery brought on by the unending conquest for more power, be it peasant or king, nobody is immortal (except the main 3 cast members and even they have to go through grueling things), I binge read the book and had a blast.