Lyceum — Dune

The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.

Dune by Frank Herbert is an incredible story of the inhabitants of the planet of Arrakis which houses the galaxy's most precious mineral, the Spice melange and revolves around the struggle of multiple factions that are trying to gain control over it, for whoever controls the Spice, controls the universe. I could gush about how much I enjoyed reading this book and why it's so good for hours.

I read the book because it has a movie adaptation that's coming out soon. I watched the trailer for it and just knew that I couldn't wait till the movie released, and decided to read the book instead.

Dune is to Science Fiction what Lord of the Rings is to Fantasy. It was a major source of inspiration for Star Wars and one of the stories that inspired George R.R Martin to write A Song of Ice and Fire.

The story is about struggle for control of Arrakis between two major families, The Atreides, a noble house that is being lured into a trap by the current rulers of the planet, the Harkonnens who are allegedly transferring their fief of the planet over to them on the orders of the Emperor. We follow Paul Atreides, son of the current Atreides King, a boy of 15 who seems to have mystical powers and is destined for a terrible purpose.

Since the book is divided into 3 parts that's the way I'll talk about it.

(I think what I'll do with this is to add thoughts about the book as and when they come to me. Meanwhile, go, read it, NOW!)