Lyceum — dev log 56


It's been two weeks since I joined Deepsource as a Site Reliability Engineer. I've been getting familiar with the infrastructure and it's components. It was a lot to take in initially, but both by spending time understanding and talking to folks in the team, I've started feeling more comfortable in my ability to maneuver my way around it. I've also been tinkering with MiniKube as suggested by a collegue to get acquainted with K8s. Apart from tech, less meetings weekly, daily check-ins to keep track progress and that's about it, there's no micromanagement. Overall I'm happy and looking forward to contributing to the team!


Refactor dotfiles I've been tinkering with my dotfiles ever since I got my work laptop. Improving the file structure, splitting .zshrc and .vimrc into separate files and more.

Neovim 5.0 I was informed that Neovim v0.5 is out and now supports a built-in LSP that can be configured in Lua. So I'll be trying it out and seeing how it fares against coc.vim.

Rewrite Lyceum in Golang This has been a long standing task, so I'll have to block some time out to iteratively get this going.

Other than that, I've been doing good! Planning tasks in my notebook to-do list, have been sleeping and waking early, reading regularly. Off the bandwagon of hobby habits, plan to rectify that in the near future.