Lyceum — dev log 5

It's been a difficult and frustrating day today. I was given the task of setting up the backend and frontend of our website and fronting it with nginx. This as I understand is not a permanent solution but a temporary one, just to see what problems pop up with the site active. I tried to figure things out but it took a lot longer than I wished it to take. I got done with deployment at around 2PM. The guy I worked with had got this done with the same process in about 30mins. That was a punch in the gut. We then noticed that there was a CORS related issue which we knew existed. I tried to ssh into the machine and it had crashed. It took me 2 hours to get it back up again, having to deal with stupid and random problems. After I get it working again I noticed that in my hurry of setting up the system, I had forgotten to create a new user and just did everything with root. That was bad. I pissed off a friend. That felt bad. Inadequacy does not feel good. As I write this at 2000, I just feel like shit.