Lyceum — dev log 48

Another monthly log, seems like this is becoming a thing now. I'll need to block time once per week to write these out more regularly. I liked the format of the previous log (separate sections instead of a single entry), so I'll keep using that:


It was a rather unremarkable month tech wise, as I mentioned in the previous entry we've been migrating and cleaning up our existing infrastructure and database, organizing things on AWS, creating organizational processes etc etc. More internal tools were built than customer facing ones to improve and automate existing tasks/activities that other team members performed on a regular basis. We also fixed a serious deployment bug, and I added an nsq_exporter to our existing monitoring setup to improve visibility for our queues. The coming weeks look promising and interesting. We're getting a security audit done and since I'm responsible for Ops I'll be setting up all the relevent security infra according to their reports and feedback. So I'm quite happy about that.


I setup a Vagrant Kali machine to play some HackTheBox challenges, see what it's really about and learn along the way. Vagrant has been a pleasure to use and it's a very comfortable environment to tackle the challenges.


The past week has been quite stressful, there's been a sudden exponential increase in the number of COVID19 cases in India. Every member in the team knows someone that's infected or is infected themselves leading to lower morale and some sense of fear seeping in. I abstain from all media and news outlets so I was unaware of how bad the current situation is until I was informed during team calls. The current rate of infection is insane. Since my father is an essential worker and goes to work regularly it's been doubly stressful with him coming back and not taking the proper precautions. My mother has been anal keeping the housmaid, even under the current circumstances. All these factors have been contributed to me being on the edge all day, not being able to concentrate on anything. I keep referring to Meditations for guidance, wisdom and comfort.