Lyceum — dev log 45

The past week has blown past me. I've finally been able to build some momentum and confidence with my understanding of the product and hence feel more comfortable working with it. For the time being I'm setting up the monitoring systems needed to ensure stability for our product and some of the tooling around it. While the product is fast, it does suffer from unidentified issues that sometimes leads to unexpected downtime and anxious meetings. I'm basically getting a crash-course for devops here. There just so much I don't understand or know about in the field that it feels dauting, but because of the pace needed to keep up, my imposter syndrome doesn't have time to worry about whether I'm capable enough to do something, I just gotta do it.

Something that I've been having success with is maintaining a markdown file for all the things I've done and all the ones that need doing. Serves both as a historical record of my work and gives me clear actionable steps that can be acted upon. The latter is done by having a section with raw ideas which are periodically processed into actionalble items every couple of days.

A definite goal for the this month is to make a consistent effort to practice more creative endeavours. It's been a month and half since I've sketched or done the drawabox exercises, and I don't want to have to restart the drawabox course. I've already done Lesson 1 twice and am in no mood to do it again. With any habit it's always action before motivation that's needed. Instead of waiting for the perfect day, moment, mood and state of mind, you just gotta sit down and get on with it. The motivation comes after you start doing it, not before. I'll be using my learnings of this idea from my work and make the best effort to transpose it to my hobbies.