Lyceum — dev log 44

The past couple of days work has been slow. Since this is the first time that has happened in the past 3 weeks, I took this opportunity to start learning things that I'll be needing in the coming months.

This is my first time doing devops as I mentioned in the previous log, I'm a beginner in the domain. I asked around on the fediverse for resources/books that I could read to have a better understanding of how to approach the field. A good friend of mine shared Google's book on SRE apparently regarded as the bible of SRE, which I'll make a habit of reading a chapter every day. Couple more fediverse suggestions were The 12 Factor app, and Martin Fowler's Blog. Will remeber to reference these when I'm lost.

Next, I've been told that in the coming months I'll be working on pieces that involve work that lies at the cross-section of backend and ops. I'm a beginner to Golang as well so I was looking for a good way to get a handle of the language when a colleague recommended Gophercises. I thankfully did not succumb to my usual, try and find the "Best" way to learn for an entire day, only to never bother doing it and instead have just started it and commiting code to my cookbook on GitHub.