Lyceum — dev log 36

Been a while since the last one, but I've been relatively useful. Following on from the previous dev log some updates.

I'm gonna be done with my practical exams today. They were'nt a huge problem but moreso a chore that needed doing. There's going to be other exams, but they aren't going to be a huge hurdle hopefully.

I managed to get an interview for an internship with a couple of companies. I completely butchered my first one, but I've been assigned a task, which needs to be done by the 7th. When I say butchered I really do mean butchered, I forgot what position I was applying for, forgot to mention what I'd made, what I was good/bad at, why I'd be a good fit, yeah, not my finest hour. The other interview was postponed to the 8th which is kinda perfect, since I get the time to focus on my task. It's an ansible, automation task. More information after I've completed it. I've been documenting my failures and progress, both for the eventual code review and a dev log.

I haven't been able to give my time and concentration to MLH because of that, which sucks. I do feel really guilty about it, it's my responsibility and it's my job to make time for it.

I've been doing drawabox on a regular basis and I got back to where I left off the program toady, so everything starting now is gonna be fresh and new which I'm looking forward to. I might make a separate section with all my drawabox work once I'm done with say, Lesson 1.