Lyceum — dev log 35

I took the weekend off after the hackathon, beat Hades like 8 times and got back to a stable sleep schedule which is essential for me being productive and happy. I've been finishing up the final submissions for my semester this year and that took a while. I had to make a bunch of reports and presentations and my brain can't function well if I know that a mountain of work lays ahead of me, so I took a couple of days and got most of them done. There's a couple more left which I'll make during the rest of the week.

I'm not excited about my semester ending. Semester ending means exams, and if it were just for a week or so I'd be happy, but they're going to go on right to the end of December it seems, which interferes significantly wih my fellowship.

I've started working on an interesting and difficult issue for BentoML. I and a fellow are supposed to integrate Apache Kafka with BentoML. It's an open-ended issue that's going to require a fair bit of design and brainstorming before we understand how we're going to work on the issue itself. We had a call with the maintainers where they gave us helpful advice as to how we could tackle the issue which was great. They insisted that we should keep in touch regarding any design decisions or progress we make.

Finally, I'm looking for an internship for my final semester. In my perfect world, if we can solve the BentoML issue, I'd like to ask the maintainers for a summer internship, because there's a bunch of other issues that I'd love to work on. There's issues for integrating Apache Spark, RedisAI and also a really cool one for adding GPU support that I'd like to tackle and ones that I feel I can learn a great amount from in a lot of domains. But that's the dream, I've started cold mailing openings as well, to have a backup internship.