Lyceum — dev log 3

Life the past couple of weeks has been weird. I'll give a quick run down of what's happened in the last month of so. I've been working at student startup with the aim of creating a platform for connecting NGOs with students looking for internship. NGOs have a hard time filling internship opportunities due to a lack of funds and general preference for corporate positions. So most of my time has been dedicated there, writing and understanding how to work with backend code in flask. While I have been working steadily, I haven't been very productive with my time. I haven't read anything since Night, and have not made a huge amount of progress with Drawabox as well (I'm still at the Rotating Boxes exercise). I've tried talking to myself about properly using my time and energy, designed a schedule around it and actively tried to stop myself from gaming and YouTube, but I've had little to no success. I've read articles and blogs that talk about techniques that you can use to get rid of bad habits, but again I've not been victorious either of my constant itch to watch a video or play a game of DOTA or Minecraft. It's painful because I know I'm letting others down, especially those that have placed their trust in me. There have been too many apoplogies that I've made privately to myself and to others throughout my life of the above kind. Actions do speak louder than words and it's the only way I can redeem myself in my own eyes.

In actual dev news, I started work on tengi. It's a shell that I'm writing to have a better understanding of how my the thing I spend the most time on when using Linux, functions. I'm following tokenrove's build your own shell. The one thing that I've learnt about following tutorials is to never use the ones that give you all the answers, because then what you are getting good at is not the material, but at following instructions. This workshop helps you teach yourself by setting goals and providing the necessary reference material. It doesn't hold your hand and lets you freely write your own code, but gives you checkpoints in the form of tests to ensure you are on track.

I haven't yet started the zettelkasten, but I am looking for ways to host it on a subdomain and link it to this website. I setteled on using Obsidian as my software of choice, just need a way to now export the notes from it. I asked on reddit a while ago, and got promising results, I'll try those out this week