Lyceum — dev log 11

Good day today, I went out to the gym early in the morning and have been feeling good since then. I've not been productive, again, since the last log, so I was looking for opensource projects to contribute to for a small while, before I start working under Devine. I was scouring GitHub, looking for interesting projects to contribute to. The original goal was to identify opensource applications that I use on a regular basis and contribute to those, but that did not work out very well. Some of the projects like TMUX or Taskwarrior were too stable and did not see too much activity. On the other had you have projects like VIM and Git that have a very steep learning curve. I did find a couple of projects that satisfied all the things I was looking for, those being Neomutt and Weechat, did not pick them to contribute to though. There is a plugin for Zathura that is currently only packaged for arch-based distros and not for debian called zathura-pdf-mupdf. It's used for reading EPUB files. That is what I decided on and am going to work on for the next while. The rest of the day then was spent in properly setting up Weechat, configuring it and contacting the project owner to ask if this was something they would be interested in and some pointers to get started.