Lyceum — dev log 8

It's the halfway point of the month, Devine's gonna be back by next week (I think) and since it's been a month and a half since he left on his journey I took some time to review what I have done in the time being. I'm not gonna bore you with the self-loathing, but, it's not a lot, no reason to get myself down over it, learn and make your actions speak for you.

I helped the frontend team fix some bugs and issues with our website. We're currently integrating the fronend with the backend and it's bound to have problems. So I've been fixing them. I have been thinking though that it would be a good idea to segregate time to specifically work on the project. It's better to have a slot of time to work on it rather than to be available when there is a problem. It tends to disrupt concentration and flow of whatever I'm working.

I also read up on a decent amount of things today.

Took a look at the programs in sbase and ubase as well. I also looked at the implementation for the same programs in FreeBSD. I had to use svn to clone a sub-folder from the repository because your can't use git archive on GitHub, they don't support it, so I had to begrudgingly install svn. That's about it actually, for tomorrow my goal is to get Stage 1 of the shell workshop.