Lyceum — dev log 7

In the morning I did some startup work, pushed a small route for our backend. Our college classess started up again today, so that was a thing. In in the afternoon I got back to those BSD 4.4 videos I mentioned yesterday and started wondering where the source code for linux programs I use on a daily basis is kept, because the guy in the video compares his code to the actual BSD implementation. I asked a friend and he told me that these tools are implementation dependant and are packaged as coreutils. Interesting. He suggested that I look at suckless's sbase/ubase if I wanted something readable. Hmm, BSD, Linux, Unix, Suckless, lots of words that I have heard but did not know what they meant. Time for some reading! He has also suggested that a good way for me to learn how linux works would be to install KISS Linux, which I'm planning on doing after the shell on a USB.