Lyceum — devlog 60

Devlog 60

Yeah yeah, I know. I'm in a new city around new people (that I actually enjoy spending time with) for the first time in my life, so cut me some slack. I moved a month ago to work from office and adjusting to a drastically different lifestyle has taken some time. I'm not complaining though I like it way more than being at home. Finally finding people who give a crap, have common interests and in general aren't jerks has been a breath of fresh air. I don't have a house yet, but that's in the works and I'm boarding with relatives for the time being.

There's not much to talk about in terms of tech. I've primarily been reading the SRE Interview Preparation Guide because it's the best collection of resources I've found of information that I can make use of on a daily basis as an SRE. Other than that I haven't been able to find too much time for tech. That balance of real and virtual world I've yet to find again here.