Lyceum — dev log 6

I've been having difficulty with tengi, mostly because of my in-experience with the language. I found these really well made re-writing BSD 4.4 Shell Commands and I've been studying them, to get an understanding of how to write general C code. I was very surprised when I saw that you could simple access the source code of these commands and easily take a look at how they are written. I dont' have confidence while writing code and usually feel I'm not smart enough, which causes me second-guess every choice I make, wasting a lot of time in-between. I was reading Haikyu and a character said something that hit home.

"Do you know what's wrong about being afraid of stuff?"

"Um! B-B-Because it isn't manly?"

"Naaah. It's because it's a big waste of an opportunity. Passing up the chance to learn and experience new things... is just one big, fat waste!"

-- Haikyu, Chapter 278

While I still do fear my incompetence and don't trust in my ability to write code, it is an opportunity to learn something new and I'll let that motivate me to get past those fears