Lyceum — dev log 53

I interviewed for an SRE postion at last week and received a full-time offer yesterday. I had been interested in the company for a long time and this was my third time applying. I'll be accepting the offer and joining at the end of June.

That does mean that I'll be vacating my current position at SendX. It was a difficult call to make and talk though with the Founder that I'll be leaving. Both of us expected that I'll be transitioning into a full-time role post my internship, so it came as a shock to him. I made sure that I would call and inform the team as soon as I received an offer letter so as to give the most amount of time for them to plan accordingly. I've been feeling very conflicted ever since I made the decision. It feels like I'm betraying the trust that was placed in me at SendX. The team here is amazing. Everyone is understanding, responsible, driven and caring, and I don't say that lightly, and it stings to leave such a wonderful cozy atmosphere. I ruined the original phone interview with Varun (Founder), but he still chose to give me a chance nonetheless. I had zero Ops experience, nothing, but he gave me the opportunity to learn and fail time and time again on the job. I can't thank him enough for both the lessons I've learnt both technically and socially. We had casual tea time calls when colleagues from other teams joined and talked about random things which was a lot of fun. Breaking prodution was a lot of fun. Debating our hot takes about recent tech was a lot of fun. Man I enjoyed my internship thoroughly. I still have a month to go and will make sure to make the most of my remaining time here.