Lyceum — dev log 43

I've been interning for two weeks now at SendX as a Devops/Backend intern and I think enough has happened between this and the last dev log to reflect on my experience here.

The team is small, so I got onboarded very quickly (first two-three days) and was then given a brief outline of broadly what I'll be working on. The work is Devops heavy and I'm learning a boatload. The task is relatively big and I was asked to first make a document outlining the What, Why and How of the task. Yeah ... you and me both, write a document? I had my doubts and begrudgingly sat down to write it. Two weeks later I can confidently say that it was the most important part of the task. A document such as that forces you to translate in clear and precise language like legos the blocks you are going to use to build your masterpiece. You have to question each block: Does it have a purpose? Is is immediately needed? What the value it brings? What are the pifalls? How to go about using it? Is there an alternative?

We do the brainstorming here so that we don't have to waste valuable development time say 4 days in and realizing something that would have taken 30 minutes had we just thought about it. You also have to do a significant amount of research to validate or invalidate your assumptions which helps a beginner like me time to digest broadly a lot of common tools, technologies and devops workflow and methodologies.

The work sometimes is hectic yes, I spent around 20 hours in calls the past weekend, but I'm learning exponentially faster than I'd learn in a bigger company like Amazon. The work is absorbing, intresting and fun. I couldn't have asked for any more.