Lyceum — dev log 37

"Warm greetings to my connections! I am happy to share that...", yeah, none of that award acceptance speech that everyone gives on Linkedin, hell na. I did my task well and got accepted for an internship. It was quick because, I got lucky, that's it.

My task is on github, it's called anzibl. It was a very interesting task, I had to:

All of it, infrastructure creation, provisioning (installing relevant software), deployment and monitoring, needed to be automated using ansible. It was a fantastic opportunity to get to learn ansible, prometheus and get familiar with AWS, a little nerve wracking, but fun nonetheless. I got to learn a crap tonne. I wrote down all the steps that I took to get the task completed in a file called

The internship starts sometime in the first couple of weeks of January, because I have my final uni exams throughout december, which means I have a couple of weeks to spare. I'm planning on starting adventofcode, since all of my merveilles feed is full of people doing it. I'll be attempting it in go, because I enjoy writing go and want to get better at writing it. I'll also be researching more about how bittorrent works because I want to write my own client in go. That's about it.