Lyceum — dev log 31

It's been a solid 10 days huh, well you know what that means, I haven't been upto anything useful. I didn't make a PR for the 4th Kiwi issue until yesterday, and I haven't made the requested changes from the review yet. I think there's two major reasons for that.

It's the festive season here in India and I've been ocassionally busy with that. A lot of chores that need doing.

The second reason is because I've been trying a new schedule. The objective is to limit the time I spend on my laptop in a single day, so that I'm more productive when using the laptop, while also opening up time for more creative pursuits like making art, reading books, learning languages and learning to cook from ma. So far, I like it. My time is limited so I'm forced to work on important tasks instead of whiling away my time on say YouTube or playing games.

While this is still my goal with the routine, I've been struggling to be as productive as I'd hoped on the laptop. It's a deeper probelem, that I need to diagnose and address in the coming days.

I have though started both reading regularly and doing art again. Since it's been a while since I touched drawabox I was suggested that I should reastart and I did. I am also splitting my time between doing the drawabox exercises and painting for fun on the iPad, as that's the drawabox rule and have been enjoying the process.

I've also started reading regularly again, it's time slot is after dinner, while I am a little sleepy while reading I'm making sure to read slowly and digest the contents of the book, another thing I'm happy about.