Lyceum — dev log 19

The MLH Fellowship kicks off today!

Alright, that's incorrect, it officially started yesterday and we were sent the invites for our meetings, workshops, chat applications etc. We were also supposed to go through a prerequiste course that introduced Git, GitHub, the MLH contribution workflow and a couple of legal things. I am surprised how well the Introduction to GitHub course and the other courses on GitHub's Learning Lab are structured. They do a great job of walking you through the workflow of GitHub. Very cool!

Today we had a fantastic 3 hour kick off meeting with all the memebers of the Pod. At the beginning of the program, all the fellows are placed into groups called "pods" and work on projects (in our pod, open-source projects) over the next 12 weeks. The projects that our pod will be working on are:

For the rest of the week we're supposed to build a project which uses one or more of the projects above. We decided on making a mobile application which people can use to request for help from others, since in the current situation there's a lot of people that are in dire need of help, and can in no way ask for it.

Since I have existing experience with flask I have taken on the job of setting up the backend and showing the ropes of flask to one of my teammates who's unfamiliar with python. The third member will be working on the frontend for the app and is supposed to send us paper wireframes tonight. So starting tomorrow we get working.

It was a very exhausting day. In all I was in meetings for 6 hours, which drained me completely, but I enjoy getting exhausted, it means I'm working on something and not wasting my time away on YouTube or DOTA. Hopefully this is the beginning of a good 12 weeks and I'm looking forward to it.