Lyceum — dev log 18

I did two things today.

A friend of mine and I have been sharing tech resources that we found helpful or cool for the past year or so. It was a private group with, but recently he invited some of his peers to it. Since newly joined members cannot not see previous messages on our messaging service, I set up a repository containing all the resouces since the group was created. The catch is that it's all uncategorized. We setup the repository with two ideas in mind. First this would give access to the previously shared links to all new members and second if they did end up browsing through the rsources, maybe they send a PR our way categorizing some of them (long shot I know, but why not?).

The second thing I did was setup vim for python development, I'd had trouble in the past with coc-vim not behaving properly and giving me a bunch of errors. Since my fellowship is going to involve me working on a python project I thought it would be a good idea to get this done before it.

Lastly I've been reading PEP 8, the python style guide, again because I'll be working on a python project for the fellowship, but yeah, that's about it.