Lyceum — dev log 12

In the last log I talked about attempting to repackage the zathura-pdf-mupdf extension for Debian based systems. I opened an issue for the same on the project's GitLab page but was informed that the issue is already being tracked and needs someone to fix the mupdf package first. So yeah, that was disappointing. Because I was left with nothing to do, I turned to my trusty things to do repository. I use it to keep track of interesting project ideas to work on. I first thought about making a bandwidth monitor as a small utility program to learn the basics of networking with C, but I didn't find a lot of support on the freenode ##C and ##programming IRC channels for the same, so I decided a better idea would be to write a simple HTTP server in C to learn the basics of it. I'm very proud of the name, it's called Simper, (get it, because it's a SIMPle sERver, yeah... I'll go in the corner now).